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High quality oversized t-shirt luxury streetwear clothing backside
High quality streetwear oversized t-shirt boxy fit
Luxury streetwear high quality clothing oversized fit

Who are we?

Everything starts with a dream. That’s the first thing that comes up in our mind when describing our origin story. With a background in marketing, a passion for aesthetics and a dream of becoming a fashion icon, Zephyr’s founder started learning how to design. What started out as a hobby soon turned out to be a lifechanging career switch involving multiple family members. The founder took a leap of faith with a strong believe that they would succeed and that is how Zephyr was born.

Ever since that day Zephyr has grown to become the pinnacle of success through devotion, discipline and hard work. We strive to deliver the latest trends in high quality garments. Zephyr’s luxury streetwear apparel is made to be worn with pride and used as an extension to..

- pursue your dreams -

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